10-Day Self-Care Training Challenge | POP SUGAR Gym

There are so many reasons to try a training challenge. Maybe you’re restarting your fitness routine after a short break, lacking motivation, longing for a sense of accomplishment, or looking for someone to take the guesswork out of what workout to do and when. Regardless of what brought you here, there’s a good chance this 10-day self-care training challenge will work.

While self-care can be about relaxing or taking some quiet time alone, it can also be about taking time to sweat, stretch, and reconnect with your body. This 10-day workout challenge on YouTube is all about finding the joy in movement through routines that nurture the mind-body connection and make you feel lighter, happier, and brighter, rather than feeling punished, defeated or totally exhausted. Comes courtesy of Class FitSugar trainers Maricris LaPaix, Sophie Jaffe, Adrienna Rabena, Christa Janine and Coach Kel, who have programmed barre, meditation, yoga and recovery flows designed to do just that.

In this series, you will find your power during Vinyasas, fine-tune your barre movements, and calm your energy using your breath. Workouts range from five to 35 minutes and only require a mat, a chair, and some space (although you can grab a pair of light or medium dumbbells to make the workouts harder, if you like). Every day you will end up feeling happy that you took a moment to focus on taking care of yourself. Enjoy!

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