5-month-old baby holds a board while exercising with his mother, Internet impressed

Little boy exercises with his mother, holds board like a pro.

The children and their activities are interesting to watch. Some are mischievous while others are eager to learn new things. A video is going viral on social media of a five-month-old boy exercising with his mother.

The boy is seen imitating his mother while exercising. A short time later, he is seen repeating his mother’s exercise (holding the board) like a pro.

The video was shared by Fitstagram Michelle on May 19 on Instagram with the caption, “My 5 month old is learning new things.”

Michelle is a physical trainer by profession. This video has garnered 31.7 million views and over three million likes since it was posted.

Users have shared beautiful comments on the post.

One user said, “OMG this is amazing.”

“Look at his shape!! Impressive,” another user wrote.

“Oh, I’ve never seen this before!! Unbelievable,” commented a third user.

Michelle has more than 52,000 followers on Instagram. She shares videos of her workouts and her activities on a daily basis.

Videos of children doing new activities are often shared on social media and viewers enjoy watching them.

Recently, a video gained traction on social media where a cute little boy is seen walking in a shopping mall like an old man with his arms crossed behind him and staring around him.

The video was shared by Cristal Allure on Instagram six days ago and has garnered over a million views and over 95,000 likes so far.

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