A gateway to the Upside Down has opened at Bondi Beach

Well, this is scarier than finding a baby demogorgon in your trash can. A mysterious and imposing door to an alternate dimension appears to have opened on the sands of Bondi Beach.

Dog walkers and early morning wave riders were shocked today when the gaping wound in the fabric of space and time seemed to have appeared overnight at the famous spot in Sydney’s east, complete with vines shaped like tentacles and a bright red core.

bondi rescue Lifeguards rushed to the scene as officers in Hazmat suits attempted to cordon off the crevasse from curious bystanders.

So is the ghastly portal the result of experiments performed on a child with extraordinary mental powers? Is it the work of an advanced device developed by foreign scientists? Whatever the explanation, reports are coming in that this is just the first of many strange cracks appearing around the world today, coincidentally the day the Volume one of the fourth season of the hit Netflix show Strange things.

small nosh nichePhotography: Nigel Kippers

A shadowy underworld populated by monstrous “demogorgons,” the Upside Down is the alternate dimension that rankles the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana in the popular Netflix show set in the 1980s.

The series was created by the Duffer brothers, who were inspired by a large number of 1980s movies, including science fiction films (ET: the alien, fire starter), horror (Poltergeist, Halloween) and legal age (stay with me pretty in pink).

The first volume of stranger things 4 airs today only on Netflix starting at 5 p.m. Upside Down known as Vecna.

And the Bondi Beach portal? The experts warn us that today at noon it will close without leaving more than a disturbing memory. We wait.

stranger things 4 Only on Netflix, Volume 1 May 27, Volume 2 July 1.

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