Ahead’ brings together pioneers pushing the boundaries of technology to save lives

A week of special coverage airs April 25-29with a 30-minute program on the air May 1

HONG KONG, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CNN’s ‘Mission: Ahead’ is a new multi-platform series that explores the world’s biggest challenges, from climate change to disease, and features the fearless and passionate leaders tackling them with innovative projects that shape our future. it depends on.

CNN's 'Mission: Forward' Meets the Pioneers Pushing the Boundaries of Technology to Save Lives

CNN’s ‘Mission: Ahead’ brings together pioneers pushing the limits of technology to save lives

In the first of two 30-minute programs, CNN Space and Innovation correspondent Rachel Crane Meet the doctors and inventors at the forefront of healthcare. In their quest to save lives, these pioneers are pushing the boundaries of technology.

As more bacteria become resistant to existing antibiotics, scientists are turning to virtual reality to help design new drugs. The crane is located Steve McCloskeyco-founder and CEO of Nanome, a start-up that uses virtual reality to put researchers inside the molecules they study. Hundreds of organizations have adopted the company’s tools, says Nanome, including arc of lifea UK-based medical research charity.

A growing number of scientists around the world are on a mission to better understand a relatively new field of technology: soft robotics, or robots that are more flexible and adaptable. That includes robots inspired by animals, the human body, and even children’s toys. li zhang in it Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed a slime-like magnetic robot and is testing how it might work inside the human body to locate foreign objects that have been swallowed by mistake.

Sleep disorders are on the rise all over the world. Thanks to technology, we are more aware of the problem and how to solve it. The crane is located Change Zivco-founder and CEO of X-trodesan Israelstartup that has developed a wearable Band-Aid as a sleep tracker. The device contains dozens of small sensors that detect electrical activity while the user is asleep and send the data to a smart device, allowing both users and medical researchers to better understand sleep. In the meantime, Californiastart-up based on StimScience says its headband can help users fall asleep faster and deeper by painlessly passing microvolts of electricity to their brain.

Breast milk is widely considered the best way to feed babies, but not all parents have that option. To combat this, the biologist Leila Strickland co-founded the biotech start-up BIOMILQ for the purpose of producing human milk outside the body. The company grows human milk-producing cells using an incubation machine, a first step toward a potential solution for parents who can’t breastfeed or access donated milk. Strickland believes the company’s work may also help improve our understanding of breast milk, which could lead to new scientific breakthroughs.

These days, many procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, rather than open surgery. But as these procedures become more complex, so do new solutions to help surgeons better visualize what they’re operating on. CNN hears from RealView Image, an Israeli company that provides doctors with a system that converts medical images into holograms. It can help them perform surgeries more quickly and accurately, the company says. Crane talks to david iceglobal medical director and vice president of healthcare at Microsoft about the company’s Hololens 2 headphones. The device is being used by medical researchers in Singapore develop new surgical solutions.

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Sunday, 1St. may and 9 a.m. Y 18:00 Hong Kong
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