This clip of Arnold as a bodybuilding instructor in the 1970s is going viral

It’s far from a secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger knows what he’s talking about when it comes to his training. Not only did he dominate the professional bodybuilding circuit, winning the Mr. Olympia competition (the highest accolade in the sport) a staggering seven times, but he also literally wrote the book on the subject. The Encyclopedia … Read more

American adults consume fewer than 2 types of omega-3 fats

The three omega-3 fats your body needs to thrive are ALA, EPA, and DHA, and while they can be obtained through your diet and supplement routine, new information was gleaned from an analysis of the latest research from the National Survey of health and nutrition exam (NHANES). Data has shown that many people do not … Read more

Kerala team wins global TiE launch competition

A team of enterprising young students, Sitlign, representing TiE Kerala, won the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Global Pitch 2022. The team consists of Anaswara Ramesh, Dakshina Charu Chitra, Aaditya Dinesh and Manoj Krishna K from Adarsha Vidyalaya, Kakkanad, Kochi of Bhawan. They competed with 20 other teams from around the world and won top laurels. The … Read more

The best strength training routine for kids (and maybe for you too)

Photo: soul_nomad (Shutterstock) For years, my kids have been following me to my garage gym. (Even before we had a proper home gym, they were stealing loose weights or yoga balls that I thought I bought for myself.) I piqued his interest, but I wondered :HHow can I encourage them to make exercise a habit? … Read more

What is a calorie deficit?

Trying to lose weight? You need to be in a calorie deficit, and that means eating and drinking fewer calories than you burn. There are two ways to create a calorie deficit: Reduce Calorie Intake: Change What and How Much You Eat Increase caloric expenditure – in the form of exercise How does being in … Read more

Booktopia, Wine Collective join other Australian startups in mass layoffs as inflation and interest rates bite

Tough market conditions have forced a wave of Australian startups to lay off staff, with a host of high-profile companies laying off employees to save money and delay the need to raise new funds. The layoffs span industries, with companies as diverse as clinical trial platform HealthMatch, e-commerce aggregator Una Brands, instant grocery delivery startup … Read more