Boris Johnson breaking news: Plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda within ‘weeks’ delayed

Neil Parish resigns after admitting to viewing porn in the House of Commons

Boris Johnson has abandoned his goal of sending the first asylum seekers to Rwanda this month, in the first sign that the controversial deportation plan is running into trouble.

The prime minister’s spokesman said it would be “a matter of months” before any potential refugees crossing the Channel would be deported, possibly after the peak summer crossing season.

Earlier, a new poll claimed the Conservatives are on course to lose 550 council seats in local elections.

The survey, published in The daily telegraph says Labor will hold 3,500 council seats, a gain of more than 80.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, will retain just under 980, a drop of 548, according to the poll of 1,749 adults in the 201 councils who went to the polls on Thursday.


Ed Davey: Johnson ‘out of touch’ and ‘in the throes of ‘sleaze’

Boris Johnson’s administration is “steeped in sleaze” and could suffer the same fate as Sir John Major’s 25 years ago, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has warned.

After weeks of damaging stories about culture in Westminster, Sir Ed compared the situation to 1997, when he was first elected and the Conservatives collapsed against Tony Blair’s Labour.

“It actually reminds me of the period just before the 1997 election, when the Conservative government had run out of steam, wasn’t listening to the people and was mired in sleaze and scandal,” said Sir Ed.

“And when I talk to people at the gates, the biggest issue, really, is the cost of living. And when you walk out of Westminster and talk to people all over the country, they’re quite alarmed that the Conservatives are so out of touch.” They’re raising taxes.”

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 14:50


Brexit: More Irish passports than British passports issued in Northern Ireland for the first time

48,555 people in Northern Ireland applied for a UK passport in 2020, around 350 fewer than the 48,911 who applied for an Irish passport in the same year.

Our policy correspondent jon stone reports:

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 14:35


Are there local elections in my area?

Voters across the UK will go to the polls on May 5 for a series of local elections in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

My colleague joe summerland has everything you need to know:

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 14:22


PM still hasn’t spoken to Macron since his re-election

Boris Johnson has yet to speak to Emmanuel Macron since his re-election as France’s president, but Downing Street insisted there was no dispute between the two leaders.

Macron’s second term was secured with a victory over Marine Le Pen on April 24 and he was due to speak to Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

Johnson’s official spokesman insisted that the prime minister is not worried about being behind Putin in the pecking order for a call with a country that is supposed to be a close ally of the UK.

“We will update them in the normal way when they speak,” said their official spokesman.

“You will know that they have spoken regularly. Macron was obviously re-elected, so it is a slightly different situation than having a new world leader, but I am sure they will speak in due time.”

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 13:57


Ukraine will win and be free, Johnson tells kyiv Parliament

Boris Johnson has become the first world leader to deliver a virtual speech to the Ukrainian parliament since the Russian invasion, telling Rada members: “Ukraine will win. Ukraine will be free”, writes our political correspondent Ashley Cowburn.

Two months after the brutal invasion of the Kremlin, the prime minister said that the people of Ukraine had “exploded the myth of Putin’s invincibility”.

“This is the best moment of Ukraine, which will be remembered and recounted for generations to come,” he told members of the Rada.

Johnson said the Russian president’s “historical insanity” had been exposed in Ukraine, and after accusing Putin of ruling out of fear and muzzling his critics.

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 13:31


Boris Johnson gives up hope of sending first asylum seekers to Rwanda in ‘weeks’

Our deputy policy editor Rob Merrick reports:

Matt Mathers3 May 2022 13:12


Starmer accuses PM of being ‘out of touch’

Sir Keir Starmer accused the prime minister of being “out of touch” with the cost of living crisis.

It comes after the prime minister was challenged on Good morning Great Britain from ITV today about the case of a 77-year-old television viewer named Elsie, who has seen her energy bill skyrocket and drop to one meal a day.

Told that he spent the day riding buses to stay out of his house and lower his bills, Johnson said, “The 24-hour freedom bus pass was actually something that I introduced.”

Speaking to reporters in Bitterne Village, Southampton, she said: “Elsie was describing the human impact of the cost of living crisis on her and how she has to travel on buses just to keep warm, and for the prime minister to say you should be grateful to have a pass, how out of touch you can be, how out of ideas you can be, how out of excuses you can be.

“I think if there was ever a reason to send a message to the prime minister in this election, Elsie is the reason.”

Emily Atkinson3 May 2022 13:02


The prime minister ‘greets’ Ukrainian parliamentarians in a speech before the country’s parliament

Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted Ukrainian parliamentarians in a historic message to the country’s parliament.

In a short clip of the speech, tweeted by MP Lesia Vasylenko, the prime minister could be heard saying: “It is a great honor for me to address you at this crucial moment in history, and I commend the courage with which you meet. today. , and we will continue to meet despite the brutal assault on your freedoms.”

Emily AtkinsonMay 3, 2022 12:52


No 10 dodges the question about the PM who doesn’t know Lorraine Kelly

No 10 has refused to confirm if Boris Johnson knows who Lorraine Kelly is.

While being interviewed by Susanna Reid on good morning great britain On Tuesday, Reid handed over Kelly’s turn for her talk show, telling Johnson, “Lorraine is waiting to address all of the issues that you’ve raised in this interview.”

Confused, Johnson asked, “Who is Lorraine?” with Reid responding: “Who is Lorraine? Lorraine is a legend.

Asked if the prime minister knows who Lorraine Kelly is, Johnson’s spokesman said: “I think as it became clear the prime minister was not entirely on the other side.” itv daytime lineup this morning. You will appreciate that you have a number of issues to deal with.”

Emily AtkinsonMay 3, 2022 12:41


See: Boris Johnson insists he’s ‘honest’ during intense GMB interview

Boris Johnson insists he’s ‘honest’ during intense GMB interview

Emily AtkinsonMay 3, 2022 12:20

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