Bristol Airport: Live updates as thousands of tourists prepare to fly after days of queuing

Aviation sector ‘reluctant to prepare’

The aviation sector is reluctant to “prepare” for the arrival of thousands of people due to rising costs, the chief executive of Airline Management Group said.

Asked what the industry can do to cope with demand, Peter Davies told LBC: “Well, they have to get ready as quickly as possible in terms of staffing, particularly through airports with security.”

However, he said they are often reluctant to do so.

“I came back to the UK a couple of weeks ago at Heathrow Terminal 2 and had to wait 56 minutes to get through the electronic gates,” he said. “It was a snake, which is a good way to move people.

“It was touching, but the problem was of course, once you get to the electronic gates, very few people are turned away, maybe 10% because their passport was wrong or something, but all the gates were open.

“It wasn’t like you only had two or three, you had, I think, 20 doors.

“So when you have thousands of people arriving at Heathrow at seven in the morning, and that’s been going on for years, where a lot of people arrive on overnight flights, then you have to prepare to make sure you can handle those people.

“But of course that costs money and space, and people are often reluctant to do that.”

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