Broadmeadows Hospital to help alleviate elective surgery backlog

Broadmeadows Hospital will run a Rapid Access Hub as part of the state government’s catch-up plan for elective surgeries post pandemic.

The $1.5 billion investment will allow for more surgical activity across Victoria that was delayed due to COVID disruptions.

The hubs, which will be across eight hospitals will be able to perform specific surgeries such as hernia repairs, cataract surgeries and joint replacements.

It’s expected to start next year with the government vowing to have surgeries running at 125 per cent of the normal pre-pandemic effort with 40,000 extra surgeries to be performed.

Health Minister Martin Foley said the plan would allow patients to get the treatment they require.

“We’ve seen COVID disrupt care and cancel surgeries for people right across the country, while our hard working nurses and doctors have put everything into caring for the most critical patients,” Mr Foley said.

The public hospital system will also receive a funding boost of $475 million for more same-day surgeries and increased twilight and after-hours work.

Private hospitals will also be treating public patients as part of a $548 million investment which will allow over 50,000 Victorians to receive non-urgent surgery by 2024.

Healthcare workers will be supported by a package worth more than $80 million to upskill nurses and technicians.

A further $20 million will go towards a fund for surgical equipment and diagnostic machines updated with the latest technology.

Acting Premier James Merlino said ensuring Victorians got the care they needed was vital.

“The pandemic has been really tough on everyone, but nothing matters more than the health of our loved ones. We’ve got a plan to make sure every Victorian family gets the care they deserve,” Mr Merlino said.

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