Beat brain fog with this innovative nootropic supplement*

Several things can cause this sometimes confusing feeling, including pollen, hormonal changes (eg, pregnancy, menstruation, and perimenopause), not getting enough sleep, suboptimal stress management, and toxins environmental (eg, heavy metals, pollution, and chemicals). . And don’t forget about the most important essential nutrients, of course, for which our nation has some major gaps (like vitamin … Read more

Eat These 7 Foods To Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

Woman with contact lenses and case Tatiana Kochkina/Getty Images Many people fight the battle for strong, healthy nails. Nail condition is often a good predictor of a person’s overall health, especially when it comes to diet, and eating healthier foods can improve the appearance of nails. Nutrient-rich ingredients, in particular, can have a long-term impact … Read more

Plan to overhaul Army physical fitness test gains support from House lawmakers

House lawmakers on Wednesday backed plans to revise the Army’s fitness standards for troops in combat duty, mirroring plans adopted by senators last week that could alter how the services assess soldiers. troops to ensure they are prepared for the rigors of the battlefield. The proposal, included in the House Armed Services Committee’s markup of … Read more

Dancing is good for your heart and brain, as exercise and socializing help reduce your risk of dementia

Dancing is more than a hobby for retiree Lou Tiziani; he is helping him stay young. Twice a week she helps organize New Vogue dance events in the Wollongong area and has her own website listing all the dances in the region from the Highlands to the South Coast. New Vogue sequence dancing originated in … Read more