CinemaCon’s Salem’s Lot Footage Showcases Three Key Moments From Stephen King’s Book, And I’m Excited

Finally, Gary Dauberman’s salem lot It is almost here. It has been almost exactly three years since the project was announced to be in development, and Stephen King fans around the world have been forced to exhibit great patience as they wait for the film to be completed. Now, the theatrical release is only a few months away, and while the film’s first trailer is obviously not ready to be shown to the masses just yet, tonight we got a special early look at the adaptation that has us all set. -the-moon excited for the next horror show.

Tonight, Warner Bros. made its studio debut at CinemaCon, the annual convention held in Las Vegas for theater owners, and while showcasing its impressive slate for the year, the studio showed off its first-ever footage . salem lot. We didn’t get to see the full 15 minutes of the movie like with Bullet train last night, but the sizzle that was screened showed incredible and terrifying material, and perhaps the most exciting part of it all was acknowledging key scenes from the book being brought to the big screen.

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