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Photo submitted Fred Harold Jensen and Linda Brigance at the Presidential Center in Buffalo.

COLLINS — The Blossom Garden Peace and Education Center has had to undergo a bit of a transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It operated as a Quaker-affiliated private school for students in different grades, but the pandemic forced the leadership board to change the way they operated.

“They decided they would call it the peace and education center instead,” said Fred Harold Jensen, director of publicity for the Blossom Garden Peace and Education Center. “They may or may not start educating again, they’re trying to figure out what’s best, but for now, it’s sort of an education and community hub.”

Because the Center was previously used for education, the facility’s library is extensive. As they move away from education, the library’s collection is in the process of being phased out, and one means they have used to get away with some of their books is through donations. Jensen said that in total, eight classic books on various United States presidents were donated to the Presidential Center located at the Buffalo Central Library.

“We found some interesting books, like old books about Lincoln and McKinley,” Jensen said. “And we started making a donation of those books to the presidential center, located in the Buffalo Central Library.”

These books include a book on Abraham Lincoln by P. Hannaford published in 1895, a book titled “Grover Cleveland as Buffalo Knew Him”, published by the Buffalo News in 1926, and a book by Teddy Roosevelt published in 1925, among others.

“For anyone who’s really interested in having a collection of really old books, that’s what they are,” Jensen said. They are the real books. Abraham Lincoln’s book is a second edition, and another Richard Nixon book, which was a first edition book.”

For now, the donation of eight books is all that is planned, though Jensen said that if they find other applicable books for the Presidential Center, there could be a future donation. As for why the Presidential Center was chosen, Jensen said that the Presidential Center deserves attention.

“They are specifically interested in books on presidencies and any scholar who does research on a presidency, especially how various presidents have been interpreted differently depending on time and place, can find it there.” Jensen said. “It’s not a place you’d find on a billboard. It’s like a one-room museum.”

Those interested in the Center for Education and Peace can call 716-532-1004 or email [email protected]

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