Did Bayern Munich set a new record for most consecutive league titles? | Soccer

Bayern Munich have just won their tenth consecutive Bundesliga. Maggie Phillips writes. “Is this a European or even world record?”

Bayern’s 3-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund on Saturday sealed their tenth successive German title. It was the first time that a team in one of Europe’s top leagues had won 10 in a row; the closest before that was Juventus, who won nine in a row before meeting Antonio Conte last season.

We believe the world record belongs to Talea FC from the oceanic island of Vanuatu, who won the Port Vila Premier League for 15 consecutive seasons from 1994 to 2008-09. Amicale FC rose to the not inconsiderable challenge and won the title in each of the following six seasons, although Tafea FC eventually climbed back to the top in 2018-19.

The European record is shared by Skonto FC from Latvia and Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar. Both won 14 titles in a row, Skonto FC between 1991 and 2004 and Lincoln Red Imps from 2003 to 2016.

What happened after? Skonto manager Aleksandrs Starkovs, who was in charge of the last 12 of those 14 titles, left for Spartak Moscow and took Skonto’s aura with him. FK Ventspils won the league in each of the next three seasons, and although Skonto were champions again in 2010, the club went bankrupt and was dissolved in 2016. Lincoln Red Imps, meanwhile, finished a point behind Europa FC in a relentless 2016-17 title run. They dropped just nine points all season and scored 100 goals in 27 games, but it wasn’t enough. However, they have won the title in four of the five subsequent seasons.

Al-Faysali (Jordan, 1959-66, 1970-74*), Rosenborg (Norway, 1992-2004) and Bate Borisov (Belarus, 2006-18) have won 13 in a row, with nouveau riche Bulgaria’s Ludogorets just winning claimed their eleventh in the turn. You can see the rest of the list in RSSSF.

Since you asked, the record for consecutive titles in England is a modest three. Huddersfield Town (1923-26) was the first to achieve that feat, followed by Arsenal (1932-35), Liverpool (1981-84) and Manchester United (1998-2001 and 2006-09).

* There was no competition between 1967 and 1969, presumably due to the impact of the Six Day War.

Two hat-tricks in one match

Bec just asked what happens if 2 different players score a hat-trick in a match, who gets the ball?
And has it ever happened? One for @ElKnowledge_GU I think 🤔🧐

— amir (@amirrowaichi) April 17, 2022

This has happened several times, too often to cite all the cases here, but the match ball question is an interesting one. The consensus among our readers is that it is traditionally awarded to the first person to score three goals or the one whose hat-trick made everyone feel warmer and more confused. Actually, there are usually enough balls for everyone.

“There is a recent example of this at everyone’s favorite club, PSG,” writes Daniel Herlihy. “A few weeks ago they beat Clermont Foot 6-1, with Kylian Mbappé and Neymar sharing the goals. Shortly after full time, PSG posted a video on their social media accounts of both players walking down the tunnel with a ball in their hands.

“In 1983-84 Southampton beat Coventry 8-2 at Dell, with hat-tricks from Steve Moran and Danny Wallace,” writes Chris Fowler. “I’m not sure who got the match ball. It may have been Wallace, as I think it was his first hat-trick, while Moran had at least one already.” In fact, that was what happened, though only after a courteous intervention in the locker room.

“There have been two Football League games where not just two, but three different players have scored hat-tricks,” adds Mike Price. “In March 1962, Wrexham beat Hartlepool United 10-1 in the old Fourth Division. Future Newcastle star Wyn Davies, Ron Barnes and Roy Ambler each scored three. In November 1987, in the old Division Two, Manchester City beat Huddersfield Town by the same scoreline. Tony Adcock, Paul Stewart and David White were the triplet scorers. Here is a good story about what happened to the match ball(s) in the match against Manchester City.

From Maine Road in the 1980s to Deepdale in the 1990s. “I was there when this happened in Division Three in 1995-96,” says Michael France. “Preston beat Mansfield 6-0 on hat-tricks from Andy Saville and Steve Wilkinson (recently signed from Mansfield). Wilkinson claims that he received the actual match ball because he scored his hat-trick first and the chairman found a second for Saville. This Lancashire Evening Post article has more details.”

There are some interesting stories of players on both sides scoring a hat-trick. “In September 1982 Reading lost 7-5 at Doncaster Rovers,” writes Jon Keen. “Reading striker Kerry Dixon scored four but Ian Snodin, who scored just three goals for Doncaster, got the match ball. It is not recorded whether it was the choice of the home team who got it, or whether it was because Snodin got the hat-trick from him first. But the feeling of injustice is still with me for the best part 40 years later.”

the late show

“Have two teams in the top flight ever played the first of their home and away games against each other until May? Villa and Burnley have yet to meet in the Premier League this season and are scheduled to play on May 7 and 19. says David Tanner.

We were afraid this question would go unanswered, so kudos to Martin Jackson, Aaron Grierson, and Steve Williams for recalling an unusual network encounter 34 years ago. “In 1988 Luton v Nottingham Forest was played on Friday 13th May and Forest v Luton was played on Sunday 15th May,” writes Martin. “Both matches ended 1-1. The FA Cup final was played on Saturday (Wimbledon 1-0 Liverpool).

Steve points out that every other team in the division had finished their league campaign before the first encounter between Luton and Forest. Check out this quirky leaderboard. That’s because, unlike Villa v Burnley this season, both fixtures were rearranged. The match at the City Ground, originally scheduled for November 28, was postponed due to fog. The second leg at Kenilworth Road, which should have been played on 23 April, was postponed as Luton were playing Arsenal in a Littlewoods Cup Classic Final the following day.

Luton also reached the Full Members’ Cup final and the FA Cup semi-final, thus having to squeeze their last seven league games into a 16-day period. In fact, they were one game away from being an answer to last week’s main question.

knowledge file

“Has a goalkeeper ever been sent off during a penalty shootout?” Olumide Hassan wondered in 2007.

Congratulations to Tommy Tucker, who discovered that Botswana goalkeeper and captain Modiri Marumo was sent off during a Castle Cup shootout against Malawi in May 2003. Having been booked for wasting time before Malawi scored their third penalty, Marumo “reacted to a pat on the shoulder by opposite number Philip Nyasulu by punching him in the face and received a red card.” Malawi went on to win 4-1 and reach the semi-finals.

“I exaggerated in an exchange of words between myself and my counterpart,” Marumo admitted. It has also happened since our original story.

the archive of knowledge

can you help

@ElKnowledge_GU Who first used the phrase “business season end”? And how can we undo that sentence and consign it to Room 101?

— Carlos Rodriguez (@CarlosBrixton) April 21, 2022

“In last week’s Chelsea-Arsenal match, it was mentioned that Arsenal fielded the most English players in their XI since 2001. That made me wonder: when was the last time a top-flight match started? with 22 English players on the field? ” asks Lino Di Lorenzo.

After a manager is sacked, clubs often have sympathetic words in their statements. However, are there examples of much more acid statements when things went wrong between both parties?

— Terunosato (@ Terunosato89) April 26, 2022

Newcastle picked up 44 Premier League points in 2017-18, 45, 44 and 45 again last season. So far in 2021-22, they have 43 points from 34 games, but with three of their last four games coming against teams in the top four, they could still finish with 44 or 45 points. Has a club ever shown greater consistency? Steve Gillard asks.

how about this for @ElKnowledge_GU feature?

For those of you who don’t know, Zvonarek signed for Bayern Munich last summer but stayed on loan at Slaven for the rest of the season. He will officially join the Bavarian Giants this summer. https://t.co/jO6eggTceJ

– Juraj Vrdoljak (@JurajVrdoljak) April 24, 2022

“Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic has scored against 19 of the 23 clubs in the Championship this season, and he can reach 20 if he scores against Bournemouth on Saturday. How many clubs has a player scored for in one season? Has anyone scored against all of them? Philip Rebbeck asks.

@ElKnowledge_GU Hello, do you know who is the oldest player to score a professional hat-trick?

Amri Yahyah, who plays for Sabah FC in the Malaysian Super League, just got one at the age of 41.https://t.co/sjKoAmXWn2

—Darren Goon (@Box_to_Box) April 24, 2022

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