doctors praying with their patients

Dr. Francisco Rosario, who has been working in New York for 22 years, told Aleteia: “The new trend is trying to incorporate the spiritual into medicine.”

Dr. Francisco Rosario is an internal medicine doctor. He was born in the Dominican Republic, but now lives in New York and practices medicine among the Hispanic community. He has earned great prestige.

Dr. Francisco Rosario has been a physician in New York for 22 years.


“I have been in this same community for 22 years practicing internal medicine. I did my fellowship while in Brooklyn, in the Williamsburg area, also an underserved area, and I worked at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. Now I am working in Upper Manhattan, where I arrived at a very young age.”

“I identify with the community”

“I identify with the community”, he continues, “because I feel that with them, I am hardly working. I’m talking to someone I want to help. I’m talking to one of my compatriots. I am talking to a Latino who in another health center could be practically marginalized and not receive the attention he deserves. They feel supported when they arrive at a place or medical center where their language is spoken, where their culture is understood, and they don’t feel cheated when they use some kind of word or phrase that another doctor can’t understand.”

Dr. Rosario is part of the SOMOS network of doctors, which cares for low-income people in New York.

For him, faith is the engine of his vocationas a doctor.

“Faith is very important and if I am where I am it is because of my faith. I grew up in a Catholic home and the principles that I acquired in my youth gave me the delimitation of the moral principles of good and evil. That helped me a lot, because I came to a community where I was a minority, a community where drugs were and are very common. Between 125th and Broadway, that’s Harlem. So that kept me in my usual lane: doing the right thing.”

Francisco Rosario in front of his clinic.


“The patient,” he says, “is paramount. If a pharmaceutical company comes to me, am I going to give this drug to the patient because the pharmaceutical company is giving me some kind of advantage or some kind of privilege? No, I’m going to give you what’s right for the patient and what the patient needs, no matter who they are.”

Faith can be an ally

In caring for patients, faith can be a great help to medicine, a great ally.

Dr. Rosario highly values ​​personalized attention to each patient, from speaking to them in their own language to understanding their social environment, their family background, and their religion.


Spiritual peace and tranquility for patients

“The new trend in modern medicine is trying to incorporate the spiritual into medicine. It is not uncommon to see in some hospitals of other religions that a doctor prays with the patient, and that gives the patient satisfaction, spiritual peace, tranquility. And that well-being translates into quality of life. It is very different from a time in the past when the spiritual medicine or the emotional side, the belief in God and the belief in the religion of that patient, were not taken into consideration.”

This has changed, as

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, “There are still chapels in hospitals, but they were practically only for terminal patients. Not now; now they are incorporating models where the doctor prays with the patient”.


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