Dominic Perrottet calls for nation-building projects, not car parks

“I think on a political level, having the federal government work with the state government and understand our vision for the state should help them buy into that vision,” Perrottet said. “They would help us achieve that instead of choosing bespoke projects that are out of sync with the state.”

Stokes said the controversial passenger parking program had been a source of irritation for NSW.


“Community parking took up a lot of time and effort that probably didn’t reflect its overall strategic benefit to the economy,” Stokes said.

“The Commonwealth has a powerful role in its funding allocations because it will influence which projects we do first, because that leverage funding will show that it will allow us to do much more.

“So when the Commonwealth comes in and wants to do a series of parking lots, that’s a little bit frustrating from a state building infrastructure perspective.”

Infrastructure NSW also recommended that the state’s $27bn annual infrastructure spending be diverted to smaller projects that will provide “high returns and faster paybacks with less budget and delivery risk”.

Stokes said NSW would remain a big building state but would change the timing of its mega-projects and focus on smaller-scale works.


“One of the things the state infrastructure strategy tells us with megaprojects is to hire them a little later, but look for significant regional projects that you can bring forward in the meantime,” Stokes said.

“So there are plenty of other connectivity projects that could better tie the beaches together in the short term that we can introduce. So we’ll be looking at those kinds of things.”

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