Draymond Green’s defense of Steph Curry is ‘strange,’ says Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins calls Draymond Green back. This time, however, he has nothing to do with the Warriors forward’s playing ability.

Instead, Perkins has taken offense to Green’s latest comments in defense of teammate Steph Curry.

During Monday’s episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” Green argued that Curry has yet to win an NBA Finals MVP trophy because he appeared on two teams “seven times” more often than his former teammate Kevin Durant. during the last two Golden State title races.

“If you’re able to analyze a game, under no circumstances are you going to say that Steph Curry needs a Finals MVP to validate who he is,” Green said on his podcast.

Perkins, the 2008 NBA champion turned analyst, called Green’s comments “weird” during a lengthy tirade Tuesday on ESPN’s “NBA Today.”

“I’m confused, because no one questioned the greatness of Steph Curry,” Perkins said. “So for Draymond to say that is strange to me. no one said that [Curry] he needed to win a Finals MVP to solidify his greatness. … They’ve been saying that a Finals MVP would make him better and put him in a different conversation, which will happen.

“If you go down the line and give me your top 10 players of all time, they all have a Finals MVP. That’s all we say. In my opinion, I have Steph Curry at No. 12. For Draymond to create this narrative that everybody says this — Steph Curry, a generational talent, a guy who changed the game forever — is sitting here saying What does a Finals MVP need to put a stamp on his legacy? No one is saying that.”

Green’s comments drew a reaction not only from Perkins, but also from Durant, who said in a tweet that his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate’s assessment of Curry’s coverage is “100% false.” A tug-of-war ensued between the two NBA stars, ending with Durant telling Green, “I love the show.”

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While Green and Durant’s disagreement appeared to end amicably, the past feud between Perkins and the outspoken Golden State veteran could lead to a different outcome.

“It’s crazy to me, because we let this guy [Green] sit here and call people over and over again to get their approval,” Perkins continued.

If the past is any indication, Green will surely have an answer to Perkins’ complaints.

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