Former Huntsville baseball player Brewer Hicklen reflects on the first Major League game

(WHNT) — Brewer Hicklen, a former Huntsville High baseball standout, has had a dream of playing in the Major Leagues for as long as he can remember; he has spent the last few years playing in the minor leagues trying to prove himself.

After years of hard work, that dream came true when Hicklen was called up to play center field for the Kansas City Royals.

His Triple-A manager called him into his office and told Hicklen to call his wife and they all shared the moment they found out he was going to be a major leaguer, but it didn’t feel entirely real at the time.

“It really took me almost 24 hours to get it installed and realize I’m here,” Hicklen said. “When I took the field for batting practice that day, it was really surreal to realize that I was going to start center field in the MLB. Something I’ve aspired to do since I was four years old playing for Mayfair Park in the Purple People Eaters.”

So once all the emotions really settled and you got to Minneapolis for the Royals’ matchup against the Twins, what was that first game in the majors like?

“I got on the bus and walked into the locker room, my locker was all set up and ready to go and I saw my jersey there and it really gave me goosebumps,” Hicklen said. “It’s weird when you think about it because it’s something you dream about your whole life, but when you get there at the end of the day it’s the same game I was playing the day before at Triple-A, so I tried to keep that. perspective and didn’t really focus on the results of that day. I really just wanted to absorb it and soak myself. I really can’t put into words how happy and grateful I was.”

Hicklen has returned to the Royals’ Triple-A team in Omaha, but now says he’s more determined than ever to return to MLB.

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