Gers fans given BAN warning, Old Firm referee revealed, Hart could’ve joined Hoops one year ago


Joe Hart also lifted the lid on his first conversations with Ange Postecoglou that eventually persuaded him to move to Celtic.

He told the In The Stiffs podcast: “I thought it was amazing that a club like Celtic wanted to have a conversation with me. I didn’t know who [Ange Postecoglou] was. Not many people did.

“I got on the phone and he was like ‘Hi Joe how are you?’

“I just went ‘Look this probably seems a bit full on what I am about to say but I need to say it for you to get a clear understanding of where I am at and who I am. You need to be really clear if you want to pursue this with me saying what I am going to say. If you don’t I won’t take offense but this is what I feel I require to bring something to the table for you.’

“I explained the situation. I said look I am the kind of guy who gives everything that I have got and I feel like that has not gotten me anywhere so far but I am not willing to give up on my principles.

“I am the kind of guy who needs love, I like to feel appreciation for what I am doing, I like to be a huge part of the dressing room, I like to help, I like to work with managers and I don’t like to work against people and I like to be backed. If that is not something you feel you can give to me then it is absolutely not an issue. Trust me, I have had worse things said to me.

“He said: ‘Look I have not even asked anyone about you as a goalkeeper. I know what you are like as a goalkeeper. You can go in goal. I have done a bit of research on you as a person, had some good references and now I have had this conversation with you I am going to pursue it.'”

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