Gilbert Arenas warned the Sixers not to sign Doc Rivers for Tyronn Lue

In two seasons as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Doc Rivers has done a lot of good things on the sidelines. He led them to the No. 1 seed in 2021, the franchise’s first since 2001, and helped navigate murky waters in the 2021-22 season to win 51 games.

However, the Sixers have fallen short in the playoffs. In 2021, they held a 26-point home lead in Game 5 before blowing it to give the Atlanta Hawks a 3-2 lead, then lost Game 7 at home of the series.

Rivers then made some comments about Ben Simmons when asked if Simmons can be a point guard on a championship team. Rivers responded with “I don’t know” and that set off a chain reaction as Simmons wanted out and that led him to resist and then he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden.

Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas warned Sixers general manager Elton Brand not to hire Rivers when it came to him or Tyronn Lue, as Arenas noted on his podcast, “No Chill with Gibert.” Sands”:

He was a losing coach before you gave him rock stars and then he won a championship, now his legacy is built on that championship. You all value a championship. What did he do? After winning a championship. What did he do after that? Any. What has he done since then? Any. He has the same amount of talent. At least eight/nine years since then. He has had impeccable talent on his team. What has he done with it? Any. You stand on that championship and I say you’re maxing out the player? Are you maximizing talent? And that’s how I judge the coach. Are you maximizing? Are you putting the players in the correct positions? If Elton Brand ever did an interview and he does an interview and tells the truth, ask him. Ask him what I said. I said that when he decided to hire Doc, I said that Doc will ruin that team and that Ben Simmons will leave because he won’t know how to train him when he hired him instead of Tyronn Lue.

Arena points are valid. Rivers has had a lot of talent to work with, having Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Joel Embiid, Simmons and now James Harden since the 2008 championship. However, he doesn’t make it to the finals of conference since 2012 with the Boston Celtics.

While Rivers has shown he can lead a team to the playoffs and be successful in the regular season, he hasn’t shown he can get a team over the hurdle outside of the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen Celtics. It will be interesting to see what Rivers and the Sixers do to bounce back in the 2022-23 season.

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