“I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the advice Faf was giving from the other end.”

Former Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli is going through a rough patch with the bat. After being sacked by successive Golden Ducks, Kohli was moved up the batting order and started for the team in Tuesday night’s game against Rajasthan Royals; however, he failed again as his rough stay in the crease came to an end just in the second over of the game. Kohli scored 9 while surviving multiple edges before one finally led to the fall of him against Prasidh Krishna.

Kohli has scored just 128 runs in nine innings in the 2022 edition of the Indian Premier League so far, and has a strike rate of less than 120. Former England batsman Nick Knight, speaking on star sports after the game, he spoke at length about Kohli’s firing and potential concerns surrounding his hitting.

“He basically found the edge of his bat for most of (the innings against the Royals). That’s a strange dismissal, I don’t think I look at it very often. It just isn’t happening for him right now. His instincts are more like, ‘see the ball, hit the ball,’” Knight said.

“Also, every hitter has been in this situation at that time. Suddenly you feel like you get to 10, then 20, then 25. The faster you get to 25, the more relaxed you feel. I can understand what is going on,” said the former England batsman.

Knight, then, recalled Faf du Plessis’s words before the draw and stated that Kohli needs to keep his cool.

“The best advice I can give him… I’m sure that players better than me are giving it. Just keep calm, play some deliveries. Maybe put in a little more. Faf told me one thing in the draw that I think is absolutely spot on; the key to batting in these conditions is finding your way through the first few overs,” Knight said.

“I would be surprised if that wasn’t the advice Faf was giving from the other end. Sometimes you want to make a contribution of 10, 15 and 20. Then you feel like you’re on the go. At the moment, it is not happening. She could see it in her face, ‘what do I have to do?’ It will happen, and it will happen very soon.”

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