Intense brawl breaks out on live TV as James Harden is destroyed by his own former teammate

James Harden has struggled since joining the Philadelphia 76ers. The prospect of his association with Joel Embiid seemed promising, but he has not shown any rise to be influential. Patrick Beverley on ESPN had come to Harden’s defense. In addition, he was quick to deliver jab after jab to a longtime opponent and another player who has struggled with his standards, Chris Paul.

While the regular season was full of small stoppages for Chris Paul, he also fell short in the playoffs, at least by his reputation and standards. Pat Bev wasted no time. But about a week later, a former teammate of James Harden confronted Pat Bev about his bias toward Harden.


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“I saw you come here on Monday and I saw you sit here and I saw you dismantle CP3. I see you give the business to CP3. You didn’t tell a lie, but you didn’t tell the truth about James Harden, your friend. See when you appear on television and now you are taking yourself out of the basketball space. And you come in here and you’re the NBA analyst, the homies don’t matter anymore. You have to come here and tell the truth. And you were telling the lie. Kendrick Perkins confronted Pat Bev.


Patrick Beverley Destroys ‘Cone’ Chris Paul, Says He ‘Can’t Defend Anyone’

11 days ago

“The truth was not close. For the simple fact that if you’re going to sit here and tell us that James Harden deserved a super max after the performance and after what he did in Philly last season, you were lying.” Kendrick Perkins said.

Kendrick Perkins defends Chris Paul with more criticism of James Harden

Harden’s former teammate, Kendrick Perkins, wasn’t done in his quest to make Pat Bev realize she was unfair to Chris Paul. He went on and said that Patrick Beverley asked Stephen A. Smith why he didn’t give CP3 the same energy that they give Ben Simmons. While on the other hand, Pat Bev also didn’t give Harden the same energy that he gave CP3 two days earlier. Perkins blamed Patrick for being biased towards his friend, James Harden.

Pat Bev noted that Harden averaged 22 points, 7.7 rebounds and 10.3 assists in the regular season. Kendrick responded with the fact that he was talking about the games that matter the most, and those are the playoffs. Harden averaged 18.6 points in the playoffs.


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And barring one 24-point game, Harden couldn’t contribute much to the 76ers’ playoff dream. Similarly, CP3 has also had a season to forget, but the fact that Pat Bev believed that Harden deserved a maximum security contract did not sit well with Kendrick.


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Pat Bev tried to get back to her point and said she was talking about James Harden on defense. He said that he was referring to Harden not being “cooked.” But Kendrick Perkins kept insisting that Harden surely deserved a contract extension. Also, Harden is already making a lot of money and a supermax deal would mean he would be among the highest paid players. So, Kendrick said that Harden just didn’t deserve a supermax contract due to the ineffective season and disappointing performances.

Do you think Harden deserves a supermax deal?

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