Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial Updates: Breaking News, Deliberations, Verdict…

Could Depp or Heard get a prison sentence?

Regardless of the result, there is no chance that Johnny Depp or Amber Heard will receive a prison sentence, or even get a criminal charge, as a result of the court’s decision. This is because the ongoing case is a civil trial, not a criminal case, and neither party is being tried on criminal charges.

In a civil court case, one entity (the plaintiff) accuses another (the defendant) of some crime or wrongful act, without filing criminal charges against them. When someone is sued for their actions, a civil case is filed.

Fundamentally, the burden of proof is significantly different for a civil case. Instead of having to prove wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt, the plaintiff simply has to show that the balance of probability in the case is on their side.

A successful plaintiff will usually receive some form of compensation from the defendant.

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