LeBron James, Lakers better off not reaching playoffs

The question plenty of people are asking: Will the Lakers hold on to reach the play-in round? But the question we should be asking: Should the Lakers—who could find themselves in a tie for 10th place in the West after tonight—even really want unto?

Of course the team wants to reach that stage, because it’s March: As Saint Peter’s just illustrated, you never know what can happen around this time of year. But asking whether the Lakers should push full-steam ahead with such an effort seems fair.

As we’ve heard over and over again, the Lakers are the NBA’s oldest team—one that is led by 37-year-old LeBron James, who somehow leads the NBA in scoring, but who also suffered a bad ankle sprain over the weekend . He’d already missed a game last Wednesday against Philly due to a sore knee. Managing James’s injuries comes at the tail end of a long, labor-intensive campaign in which The King ranks third in minutes per game, at 37.2. The Lakers’ other franchise player, big man Anthony Davis, hasn’t played in a month and a half and is honestly better off getting stronger and preparing for next season, given that Los Angeles isn’t accomplishing anything without him and James fully healthy . (It’s noteworthy that the Lakers unraveled last postseason after cobbling things together late due to a string of ailments. Davis went down with a groin injury during the first-round series with Phoenix, and James played with a tentativeness that made it look like he might have been less than 100%.)


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