Mark Cain expands Smooth Construction Company of Washington DC

Mark Cain, a longtime leader in the Columbus-area construction field, is preparing to conquer new markets.

Last week, I have announced the expansion of Smoot Construction Company of Washington DC, also known as SmootDC, to New England and the Midwest.

The business will operate as S. Cain Development and Construction in Columbus, and under a yet-to-be determined name in Boston.

SmootDC and its new subsidiaries are separate from the Columbus-based Smoot Construction, an approximately 75-year-old Black-owned company, which also has an office in Indianapolis. Cain was previously co-president of the Midwest offices, but now is focusing on his role as president and CEO of SmootDC.

“You have to go where there are opportunities, and the Boston market has recommitted to an approach that includes diverse contractors,” said Cain, 54, who is Black and resides in Westerville and Washington, DC

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