Mary Jo White will lead the NFL’s Stephen Ross pay-to-fail investigation

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It will be a good year for Mary Jo White.

The former SEC commissioner, who has previously handled multiple investigations for the NFL, currently has multiple more.

In addition to conducting the probe regarding the most recent allegations against Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, White (per multiple reports) has been retained to oversee the league’s investigation as to the claim from former Dolphins coach Brian Flores that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered Flores $100,000 per loss in 2019.

As explained when the league hired White last month for the Commanders probe, the question now becomes whether White will reach a truly independent and objective conclusion, or whether she’ll give the NFL what she thinks it wants.

It’s a question that dates back 10 years, to her supposedly independent review of the evidence against Saints players in the bounty scandal. She became, in my opinion, an advocate for the league’s predetermined conclusion.

So to know the outcome of White’s investigation of Ross, it’s important to know what the league wants. Does it want to implicate Ross and push him out of Club Oligarch? Does it want to circle the wagons around him, to protect him now in order to potentially protect themselves later?

It’s not good for the league to conclude, and announce, that one of 32 owners deliberately tried to lose games. For the same reasons that a team shouldn’t investigate itself (which Commissioner Roger Goodell said last month when the Commanders wanted to run their own investigation of Snyder), the league shouldn’t be investigating itself as to a claim from Flores that, if true, sweeps a lot more broadly than one franchise.

They want us to believe White is independent. She isn’t. If she were her, she’d potentially reach conclusions the NFL did n’t want. If she did, she’d no longer be getting hired by the NFL to conduct more investigations.

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