Nintendo shares new music track for Splatoon 3, check it out

Splatoon 3 is coming to Switch this September, and ahead of launch, Nintendo has been building up excitement by sharing new information and footage from the game.

Today is a little different, though, with the reveal of a new in-game music track: “Sea Me Now” by rock group, Front Roe (the song and the title are obviously a play on words). It appears that Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel also shared this song earlier in the week. This preview lasts just over a minute. Enjoy!

Rock band Front Roe’s tuneful, punk sound has been climbing the Splatsville charts lately. Here’s a sneak peek of one of his songs “Sea Me Now” that will be featured in #Splatoon3!

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has shared a new song from Splatoon 3. It previously did something similar back in September of last year. What do you think about this last topic? Looking forward to Splatoon 3? Leave a comment below.

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