Outrage as Heaton Park’s outdoor café pods are vandalized overnight

Careless vandals descended on a Heaton Park cafe overnight on Sunday, leaving plants strewn across the floor, chairs and tables flipped over and rubbish from bins poured across the park. Their unique lakeside outdoor pods, which only opened last month, were hit in the attack.

The pods, which allow visitors to enjoy outdoor dining beside the lake, are complete with tables and chairs and plants. However, ‘saddened’ staff opened up on Monday morning to the scenes, which showed the pods had been vandalized throughout the night on Sunday (March 27).

Pictures shared to local Facebook group ‘Friends of Heaton Park’ sparked anger among local people who called on more security to be implemented at the park. Others reported seeing bins emptied with litter strewn across the beauty spot and swan boats left to float out into the lake.

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One commented: “Bins tipped out on the road and two of the swan boats were adrift in the lake, one tipped over this morning. I hope those who did these senseless acts are very proud of their contributions.”

Another added: “It’s disgusting as is the litter left behind by senseless idiots who think the world is responsible for picking up their mess.” Followed by: “What on earth possesses people to commit such acts of destruction? Unbelievable! I hope those responsible are caught and made to do unpaid work to repair what they’ve destroyed.”

Plants were strewn across the floor, chairs and tables were flipped over and rubbish from bins was poured across the park

Responding to the incident, Heaton Park cafe said they cleared the mess left by the vandals overnight and that they were fortunate the disruption was ‘minimal’. A spokesperson said: “We are saddened to see the disruption caused to our beautiful Lakeside Domes but feel fortunate that the damage is minimal.

“We have cleared the mess left by the vandals and will continue to work with the Heaton Park team to ensure the park is a beautiful and safe place for all. We will be open for bookings next weekend and throughout the Easter break and look forward to welcoming guests to the Lakeside Domes as normal.”


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