Search for locations for off-leash dog parks in Mortdale and Hurstville wards | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Potential locations for off-leash dog parks with the Mortdale and Hurstville wards will be investigated by Georges River Council.

In a Notice of Motion submitted at last night’s council meeting, Councilor Nancy Liu called for the council to prepare a report on potential locations.

“Under the NSW Companion Animals Act, Councils are required to provide at least one designated dog off-leash area within their local government area,” according to the council’s report supporting the Notice of Motion..

“Georges River Council currently provides nine designated dog off-leash areas, located across Peakhurst, Blakehurst and Kogarah Bay Wards.

“There are no dog off-leash areas in either Mortdale or Hurstville Wards.

“COVID-19 lockdowns have further highlighted the value and diversity of our open spaces to the local community and their companions for use of active and passive recreation.

“The proposed report will identify opportunities where the use of parks and reserves could be modified or expanded to include an off-leash dog area in the Mortdale and Hurstville wards.

“A trial period would allow Council to monitor maintenance requirements, participation rates and on-going costs,” the report stated.

Addressing the council, Georges River resident Harley Wang nominated Gifford Park, Penshurst as a suitable site for an off-leash dog park.

“Gifford Park has been recognized by the local Penshurst community for many reasons,” Mr Wang said.

“The site is located 800 meters from the Penshurst CBD and railway station and is in close proximity to Beverly Hills CBD,” he said.

“The site is mostly vacant during the week apart for soccer training on Monday night. It contains adequate facilities, surfaces and space to accommodate the needs of the local Penshurst dog community,” he said.

“There are no dog off-leash areas in the Mortdale or Hurstville wards. It is in the community’s interests to provide outdoor recreational facilities to all residents.”



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