Smart stats: Mohsin and Patidar make it an IPL to remember for uncapped players

Jos Buttler lit up the 2022 IPL with four hundred and an astonishing 863 runs total, the second-highest in an IPL season, but in terms of impact per match, as measured by ESPNcricinfo’s Smart Stats, he was edged out for the top spot by a No Limit player with only 26 T20 matches under his belt prior to this tournament.
Mohsin Khan had a lackluster start to IPL 2022. He took 18 in two overs without a wicket in the Lucknow Super Giants opener against Gujarat Titans, and then didn’t play another game for almost a month, but when he came back after missing six games, it made an immediate difference to his bowling attack.
In his last eight matches (as of April 24), Mohsin conceded 12.78 runs by wicket and 5.77 by over. Among the 33 bowlers who played at least 20 overs in this period, none had a better average or economic rate. Overall on the season, no bowler had a better power play economy rate than his 5.25, while only four did better than his 8.62 at the end (minimum rating: eight overs each).

But forget conventional statistics for a moment. Smart Stats takes into account the context of the game for each ball thrown, and this is where Mohsin’s contribution shines even more.

Take, for example, his 4-for-16 against Delhi Capitals. In a match where 195 played 189 (match run rate 9.6), Mohsin went at four and took wickets from David Warner, Rishabh Pant and Rovman Powell. His bowling hit points for the game were 141.01, the third best of any bowler in a game this season (behind five fors from Umran Malik and Yuzvendra Chahal). He also had another top-five entry: his 3-for-20 in a tight, extremely high-scoring win against Kolkata Knight Riders (match run rate 10.45) earned him 127.37 points.

In fact, in only two of the nine games did his hit points drop below 35. That incredible consistency, coupled with those high points, gave him an average rating of 58.4 hit points per game, the highest of any player in the tournament.

Buttler was outstanding through the first seven games of the tournament and picked up his form again in the playoffs. In those 10 games, his average impact score was 84.1. He had five innings in which his batting impact score was over 100; all other batsmen combined only had 25 such instances in the entire tournament.

What let Buttler down, however, was his sudden decline in form in the second half of the league stage. In seven innings, he scored just 138 runs; in three of those innings he had negative impact scores, and his average impact score over those seven games was just 16.4. That meant his overall average for the tournament was 56.2, still very impressive but only slightly below Mohsin’s.

As if topping the charts wasn’t enough for the no-limit family of players, they went ahead and captured third place as well, thanks to Rajat Patidar, who had a sensational season after being drafted as a replacement player. Patidar played his first match of the season just a month into the tournament, but like Mohsin, he became an indispensable member of the team. Before he came in, Royal Challengers Bangalore had struggled with the No. 3 spot: Virat Kohli managed just 119 runs in eight innings with a strike rate of 122.7.
Then Patidar came along and raised those numbers several notches, scoring 312 runs in six innings at the position, with a strike rate of 153.7. Along the way, he posted a barely believable undefeated 112-for-54 ball in the tie against the Lucknow Super Giants, when his other teammates were only 85-for-67. That was the first century by a player uncapped in a playoff game. the IPL, and had 175.4 hit points, the most by any batsman in an inning this season. Only once was he dismissed below 20, and in four innings his impact score exceeded 50.
Andre Russell, Liam Livingstone and Umesh Yadav complete the top six, with less than two points separating them. Russell had an excellent season with both the bat and the ball: he was the Kolkata Knight Riders’ leading wicket-taker, and also topped their batting and bowling average charts. He was the only player in the tournament to score more than 200 runs and take charge of 10 wickets, and he had five performances in matches with impact scores of more than 100. To go with those highs, he also had the lowest of the lows. – None for 45 from three overs and 5 from 11 balls against Lucknow Super Giants gave him a -36.6 impact score, the worst by any player in a match this season. The fact that he is still among the best players overall indicates how well he did in the other games.

The 2022 season was the first time a no-limit player had surpassed the impact ratings in an IPL season. Mohsin’s rating of 58.4 is also the highest rating for an uncapped player in a season. In fact, there are only four instances of an uncapped player passing a 50 rating in an IPL season (with a minimum of eight matches played), of which two were in 2022.

The first such instance occurred in the inaugural IPL season in 2008, when Shaun Marsh had a highly successful season, topping the charts with 616 runs at a strike rate of 139.7. His 57.9 impact rating that season is only marginally lower than Mohsin’s 58.4 in 2022.

Marsh’s career that season was built on rock-solid consistency. He made five fifties and one hundred in 11 innings, and that is reflected in his impact scores: seven runs over 40, although only one went over 100. The international debut was inevitable, and it came soon after, in June 2008 .

Shreyas Gopal’s 2019 season was similarly impressive, when he took 20 wickets, the third-highest in that edition, including those from Kohli and AB de Villiers twice in two matches. In eight of the 14 games that season, his impact score exceeded 40.

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