Sarona Ventures launches a new $20 million fund with investments from private investors

The Sarona Ventures Fund, under the Sarona Partners Group, has announced a new $20 million fund that only includes investments from private investors and wealthy families. The fund’s focus is on early-stage investments in Israeli entrepreneurs and startups in the Seed and Series A stages. Several major investors have joined the fund, including several unicorn … Read more

ReturnGO Completes $6.5 Million Seed Round for Ecommerce Returns and Exchanges

Israeli startup ReturnGO announced on Thursday the completion of a $6.5 million Seed round. The round was led by the TPY Capital fund, along with other funds such as Cresson, GoodCompany, SeedIL and Aristagroa. Leading angel investors like Yuval Tal, Dan Adika, Benny Schneider and Haim Bar-On also joined the round. ReturnGO has developed a … Read more

ROCH Ventures to invest €20 million in Israeli travel and tourism startups

European venture capital fund ROCH Ventures has announced the launch of a €100 million fund for travel and tourism start-ups, of which €20 million will be invested in Israeli companies. The fund is headed by French entrepreneur Bobby Demri, founder of the GOV app and former director of software innovation at the Boston Consulting Group, … Read more

Fundraising replaces hiring as most pressing startup challenge, report says

Some 74% of founders report they are concerned about their ability to raise their next round of funding, a new report from data-sharing platform Startup Snapshot shows. The report, which surveyed more than 450 Israeli founders and employees on the state of the early-stage startup workforce, highlighted the tumultuous change the ecosystem underwent in just … Read more

Group support platform Circles raises $16.5 million Series A

The Israeli startup’s platform pairs people experiencing similar challenges in life, such as divorce, bereavement, infertility, etc., in weekly meetings to provide and receive emotional support, guided by trained mental health professionals and examined.

First NFT Auction To Be Held In Israel As Local Artists Embrace New Technology

The first auction of NFT works in Israel will take place this month, as many artists and collectors embrace the emerging technology. The auction on May 30, organized by the Herzliya-based Tiroche Auction House, is dedicated to contemporary art and will be held in collaboration with leading art galleries from across the country. 4 See … Read more

Solveat presents herbal medicine in bar form

During CTech’s Out of the Bubble adventure to Misgav, Udi Peretz, co-founder and CEO of Solveat, introduced health bars that are tailored for taking herbal medicine extracts to treat specific medical conditions. On the table, a taste test of the new product from him was conducted. “One in three Americans is prediabetic, that’s 88 million … Read more

Venture Capitalists Can Be Startups Too: The Emerging Model of Public Venture Capital

“Public VCs allow the entire public to participate in the success of Israeli high-tech. Anyone can buy LP units at any time and in any amount, in a vehicle that was once open only to accredited investors,” writes Amir Blatt of Almeda Ventures.

Hour One raises $20 million Series A for virtual twin technology

Israeli startup Hour One announced Monday that it has raised a $20 million Series A funding round led by New York-based venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners with participation from Galaxy Interactive, Remagine. Ventures, Kindred Ventures, Semble Ventures, Cerca Partners, Digital-Horizon and Eynat Guez, CEO of Papaya Global. Hour One’s AI platform turns … Read more

“My 8-year-old son doesn’t even know what the internet is”

Idan Ofrat, Co-Founder and CTO of Fireblocks (Calcalista) “I think right now it’s like going back 25 years when people started asking what the internet is and how it’s going to affect our lives; there were some objections mainly from organizations that are more traditional,” explained Fireblocks co-founder and CTO Idan Ofrat, whose company provides … Read more