I bonds are the one investment everyone should have right now

If there’s one investment everyone should have right now, it’s a series I bond, according to personal finance expert Suze Orman. The variable interest rate of the bond is based on inflation, which means that the asset currently has a high yield. The Consumer Price Index rose 8.6% in May, the highest rate since 1981. … Read more

Microsoft discovers that Gen Z is redefining the idea of ​​the work hustle

Inga where Photo Library | fake images For decades Microsoft has been associated with a traditional definition of office work, long hours in front of a computer, but now the corporate enterprise giant finds Gen Z entrepreneurs disrupting ideas about the hustle and bustle in the workplace. work and the traditional 9-5 day. Many Gen … Read more

How entrepreneur Tori Dunlap saved $100,000 and quit her job at 25

Having an emergency fund should be the cornerstone of your personal budget. Experts recommend having at least three months of expenses in savings to deal with unforeseen events. But how much money should you save before intentionally quitting your job? That is a more difficult question to answer. For Tori Dunlap, founder of the women-focused … Read more

Tech Randoms: Everything Custom at the 2022 Leogang DH World Cup

After spending weeks and weeks waiting for the World Cup season to pick up steam, it’s finally here and hitting hard, with Leogang racing seemingly as soon as the track cools down from Fort William. Once again, the riders are analyzing their lines for the brutal weekend ahead, with mechanics working overtime to get everything … Read more

Buffett Disciple Mohnish Pabrai Names His Favorite Investing Books

Do you want to invest in stocks with long-term value? Veteran investor Mohnish Pabrai has two books to recommend. Speaking to CNBC Pro Talks, Pabrai, a value investor and disciple of billionaire Warren Buffett, said “100 to 1 in the Stock Market” is an “extremely well-written” book. Written by Thomas Phelps and originally published 50 … Read more

This founder is helping workers get a mental health break

In our final segment of Selfmade Stories, our series with Office Depot OfficeMax in which we talk to emerging entrepreneurs from our Selfmade virtual business course about their experiences launching a small business, we turn to Angelica Suarez, founder of MyRest, one of the first -stage application that assesses and aims to strengthen the mental … Read more

2022 EWS Tweed Valley Pro Stage Results

Ahead of a full day of racing on Sunday, the riders are on their way for the EWS Pro Stage. After a long off-season, the riders are back in Scotland to kick off the 2022 season, where we wrapped up last year’s races. The Pro stage sees riders take on a single stage with bonus … Read more

The First Thing You See In This Optical Illusion Could Reveal Your Dream Job

The first image you see in this mind-blowing puzzle reveals your dream job. Viewers should be able to see a snail, a map, and a skull in the optical illusion. Those who notice the snail first will reportedly thrive in jobs where workers use their voice. Your dream job could be a teacher, bus driver … Read more

Rajeev Suri on how he revived Nokia and why he moved to the satellite company Inmarsat

Inmarsat CEO Rajeev Suri shares his career-defining moment with CNBC’s “My Biggest Lessons.” Rajeev Suri had been a Nokia veteran for a long time before he was chosen to become the Finnish telecommunications company’s CEO in 2014. However, the company he took the helm from was no longer on top of its game. Nokia had … Read more

Review: The Airofit Pro breathing trainer has potential, but it’s not perfect

We all know how important it is to breathe. Try holding your breath for five minutes if you need a reminder of its importance. However, how many of us take the time to really think about our breathing when we exercise? As children, breathing is the first thing we learn to do when playing sports. … Read more