7 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

kate ashford When you turn 65, you probably have a good idea of ​​what health insurance does and doesn’t cover. But Medicare is a different beast, and there are some surprising things that don’t fall under the Medicare umbrella. Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance coverage for people 65 and older and other people … Read more

‘Smart’ contact lenses could help treat one of the leading causes of blindness, scientists say

A flexible contact lens that senses eye pressure and releases a drug on demand could help treat glaucoma, the world’s second leading cause of blindness. The compact wireless device, which has been developed by a team of Chinese researchers and tested so far in pig and rabbit eyes, appears to detect and reduce increased eye … Read more

A new drug could solve the problem of cataracts, without surgery

Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in the UK have made significant progress in treating cataracts using a drug compound, paving the way for new treatment methods, according to a university news release. A cataract is a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy over time, affecting the quality of vision. … Read more

Editorial: Legally protected quack medicine | Editorial

By the Editorial Board If there is one bill this legislative session that deserves Gov. Mike Parson’s veto without hesitation, it is House Bill 2149. go to them in search of healers for the coronavirus. Pharmacists are typically legally and professionally required to take a series of follow-up steps when they suspect a prescription may … Read more

It’s not too late to stop ‘mass’ antibiotic overprescription – Saturday Mornings

The ‘mass’ over-prescription of antibiotics has taken hold of us and we need to be smarter in how we use them, according to Melbourne GP Dr Vyom Sharma. As well as using antibiotics, Dr Sharma suggests we should try to “reduce infections through vaccination and improve hygiene, particularly in low- and middle-income countries to reduce … Read more

Taking a mental health day? There is a correct way to do it.

The pandemic might have killed sick day, but mental health day is thriving. With workplace burnout at high levels, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers say they would now take a day off for mental health reasons, up from 45% before the pandemic, according to a survey. February survey conducted by LinkedIn.

Philip Morris International in talks to buy European smokeless tobacco rival

philip morris international is in advanced talks to acquire party in swedish according to people familiar with the matter, in a deal that could be valued at roughly $15 billion or more and bolster the tobacco giant’s exposure to the fast-growing market for smoke-free brands. Talks between US-based Philip Morris and Stockholm-based Swedish Match could … Read more

Experimental drug breaks weight loss record in latest clinical trial results

An experimental drug being clinically investigated for its effects on body weight in overweight and obese people has achieved unprecedented weight loss for trial participants, on par with surgical options, the company behind the drug suggests . Tirzepatide, developed by the US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), is a weekly injection that promotes … Read more

South Africa’s Aspen COVID-19 vaccine plant at risk of closing after no orders, exec says

JOHANNESBURG, May 1 (Reuters) – Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccination plant, touted last year as a pioneer for an undervaccinated continent frustrated by slow Western deliveries, is at risk of closing after failing to receive not a single order, a company executive said Saturday. . Aspen Pharmacare of South Africa (APNJ.J) negotiated a license agreement in … Read more