If you want your pitches to improve, use these 3 easy tips

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. When starting or running a business, most people will tell you that a high-quality pitch to potential investors or partners will sell your business on its own. Potential investors, partners and clients will align if you are fluent in the language and can tell a unique and compelling story … Read more

I bonds are the one investment everyone should have right now

If there’s one investment everyone should have right now, it’s a series I bond, according to personal finance expert Suze Orman. The variable interest rate of the bond is based on inflation, which means that the asset currently has a high yield. The Consumer Price Index rose 8.6% in May, the highest rate since 1981. … Read more

3 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. How to raise entrepreneurs: the classic influences of nature versus nurture. Are entrepreneurs born or raised? For me, it was probably more nature than nurture. I didn’t really grow up among entrepreneurs. My grandfather was a custodian; my mother cleaned houses. I guess that could be considered running your … Read more

This Founder went to jail when he was 15 years old. That’s where he came up with the idea for a company now backed by John Legend.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. When Marcus Bullock was 15 years old, he made a decision that would change the course of his life. He and a friend stole a man’s car in a mall parking lot. He was arrested and sentenced to eight years in a maximum security prison for adults. “I was … Read more

5 Harsh Realities Entrepreneurs Rarely Expect (And How to Overcome Them)

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. Expect a few pitfalls when starting a new business, from a technology learning curve to the challenge of cracking the profitable code of customer acquisition. However, it is often the obstacles you least expect that will creep up and wreak havoc in your most vulnerable moments. As an entrepreneur … Read more

As markets falter, startups expect ‘flat’ rounds

Not too long ago, entrepreneurs in hot sectors like healthtech saw their valuations rise with each new round of venture funding. Now, with capital markets falling, startups that manage to raise new funds at the same price per share as the last, a flat round, call it a win. Take H1, a New York-based platform … Read more

Walmart and CVS will stop filling prescriptions for controlled substances for Cerebral, fact

CVS Health Y walmart It will stop filling prescriptions for controlled substances ordered by doctors who work for Cerebral Inc. and Done Health, the most sweeping restrictions yet by major pharmacies against telehealth companies following scrutiny of their prescribing practices. A CVS spokesperson confirmed the change, citing concerns with the two companies following a review … Read more

Business Trends Entrepreneurs Should Know

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. Entrepreneurship continues to grow in all parts of the world, even as governments pursue policies that discourage small and medium-sized businesses. People are becoming more comfortable starting new businesses on their own, whether they want to work less or need more flexibility. The Internet has revolutionized the way we … Read more

My 7-year-old daughter started selling eggs. This is what she taught me about running a startup.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. One of the most fun things in the world is starting a business. There is nothing more rewarding than challenging yourself and bringing your idea to life. Watching my own 7-year-old daughter start her own business selling the eggs from our backyard chickens has confirmed this for me. In … Read more

How this coach turned an emotional season into a powerful children’s book

“Be humble and be prepared, because you never know what kind of work your opponents will do.” Russell Shepphard Photography This was part of a speech basketball coach Miles Davis gave to his team before their championship game with an undefeated record. It wasn’t the NBA Championship or the final game of the NCAA tournament, … Read more