Americans are wasting billions each year on useless supplements, scientists warn

For years, scientists have been saying that there isn’t much evidence to recommend vitamin supplements for most people, and a growing body of research suggests that most pills are useless and don’t necessarily make us healthier. However, the message has not arrived. More than half of US adults take dietary supplements regularly, fueling an industry … Read more

Jordan Miller faces Newcastle court over alleged murder of Emerald Wardle

The mother of a young woman who was killed by her boyfriend fought back tears as she described losing the light of her life. Key points: The court hears that her boyfriend believed he was killing a demon The accused had consumed LSD days before the murder The murder trial will last two weeks. Jordan … Read more

Chris Dawson’s 16-year-old mistress tells court how affair with accused killer began

Chris Dawson’s ex-lover said in a murder trial that the former rugby league player used to give his wife booze to put her to sleep while he was cheating on her. Key points: The woman, who was 16 when the affair began, cannot be identified for legal reasons. She told the court today that Mr. … Read more

Wayne Poulton faces Latrobe Valley court over fatal accident in South Gippsland

A court case that heard evidence of a crash in South Gippsland that killed a mother and her child has been adjourned after it was revealed that “highly relevant” documents about the state of the road were not available to the defence. Key points: Wayne Poulton appeared in Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court charged with two … Read more

Parents of 18-year-old boy stabbed to death at Canberra skate park tell court they got the news

The parents of an 18-year-old who died of multiple stab wounds after a fight at a Canberra skate park have given a devastating account to the ACT High Court about the night of their son’s death. Key points: The jury heard there will be evidence about how the fight at Weston Creek Skate Park involved … Read more

Teen goes on trial for killing 18-year-old at Canberra’s Weston Creek skate park

An ACT Supreme Court jury heard that an 18-year-old man who died in a fight at Weston Creek Skate Park in 2020 was stabbed six times and that two of the wounds were about 5 inches deep. Key points: The jury heard there will be evidence as to how the fight involved approximately 12 people. … Read more