7 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover | Smart Switch: Personal Finance

kate ashford When you turn 65, you probably have a good idea of ​​what health insurance does and doesn’t cover. But Medicare is a different beast, and there are some surprising things that don’t fall under the Medicare umbrella. Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance coverage for people 65 and older and other people … Read more

Stay active even with osteoporosis

Dear Mayo Clinic: My 70-year-old mother is an active person. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking and boating, and regularly playing tennis with a group of other women. She was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and is concerned about maintaining her active lifestyle for fear of injury. Can she keep exercising? If so, what types of exercises … Read more

Thinking of changing jobs? It could hurt your 401(k) | personal finance

(Maurie Backman) Social Security probably won’t pay you enough for a comfortable retirement. To achieve that goal, you’ll need to save independently. If your employer offers a 401(k) plan, that’s definitely a good place to start. Although 401(k)s aren’t perfect, they offer some distinct benefits over IRAs. First, they come with much higher annual contribution … Read more

Major changes to jobseeker payouts ahead as Centrelink moves to points-based system

Australian job seekers will need to earn 100 points a month by completing tasks and activities to continue receiving welfare payments. A major overhaul of Centrelink’s Jobseeker program will affect how unemployed Australians receive their welfare payments. As of July 1, Centrelink beneficiaries who need to complete the mutual obligation process, aimed at finding employment, … Read more

Fear and confusion among the Australian workforce as ‘dramatic’ changes to Centrelink’s mutual obligations loom

Cherie Grant has spent the last week frantically searching for answers. Key points: Nearly 800,000 Australian jobseekers are about to be moved to a new service called Workforce Australia. A new point-based system for mutual obligations is also coming. Welfare advocates say there is very little awareness of how the new system will work. After … Read more

Seminar aims to normalize the mental well-being of first responders | Community

TUCSON (KVOA) – First responders are the first to arrive at shootings, fires and car accidents. They are often the last to receive help. “A lot of people see us on their worst days and are so excited that they call us heroes,” said Robert Verhelst. “But heroes need help too.” Verhelst is a facilitator … Read more

The Cashless Debit Card Trial Will End With The Auditor General’s Report As The Final Nail In Its Coffin

Kerryn Griffis of Bundaberg is “rejoicing” after three “traumatic” years as a cashless debit card (CDC) user. Key points: Government confirms it will end controversial Australian cashless debit card trial An auditor general’s report released Thursday said the CDC “was not meeting its intended goals.” Card users will regain financial freedom, but some community members … Read more

State’s Six Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations Unite in Foster Care Services Plan | Local news

The state’s six behavioral health managed care organizations have launched the North Carolina Child and Family Improvement Initiative as their first collective step in providing an alternative to a proposed statewide foster care plan. Although the MCOs provided few details last week about the initiative, they expect “immediate enhancements resulting from this partnership to be … Read more