Virtual home developer pairs up with Beverly Hills realtor

The Los Angeles real estate market is moving into the Metaverse, where anyone who buys certain homes in Beverly Hills can also buy a sister residence built in the 3-D virtual world.

Rochelle Atlas Corn has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in the Los Angeles area find a home. Her latest offering is a 1928 Spanish-style house that has an asking price of $9.4 million.

Example of a virtual home in the Metaverse developed by a company called Ledy.

“The person who buys this house can buy a house that is already built in the Metaverse, for $100,000.”

That’s an extra $100,000 for a home in the virtual world, also known as the Metaverse.

“There’s actually a lot of interest in the Metaverse. $4 billion has been spent in the last year. So it’s very popular.”

Alex Yates is the co-founder of Ledy, a Metaverse developer.

“Right now, we’re just walking around the center lot, checking out the property,” Yates said, giving a virtual tour. “Once the buyer buys the house, we will develop the interior for them.”

Yates’ partner at Ledy, Mark Emtiaz, helped explain how people can use a house in the Metaverse.

“People will be able to invite their friends from all over the world, for a virtual meeting. They could display NFTs in the house. They could change the furniture.”

Emtiaz compared the concept to the Internet and 1994, saying that Metaverse houses will continue to grow in popularity.

“We’re seeing Gen Z, Millennials taking over. More than 85% of Gen Z and Millennials play video games. So the virtual world is a very familiar space for them.”

For others, however, a home in the Metaverse may be too much of an out-of-world experience.

Maiz said she’s perfectly fine and her Spanish-style house in Beverly Hills can be bought without the virtual house.

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